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He always hitchhikes with others and makes their car even more tight. And then for some inexplicable reason he always has to sit in the most northerly seat in the car, has previously traced out with a napkin and compass in which direction the evening journey is going, and then calculated which seat he can sit most northerly most of the time. For Gately and Johnette Foltz it has become part of the evening routine to explain to the other inmates that they can learn valuable patience and tolerance when dealing with Lenz. But once the meeting has released them, Lenz never goes back with one of them. He always walks into the house from meetings. He says he needs the fresh air after he’s been in the crowded house all day, hiding from both sides of the law, avoiding doors and windows.

And then one Wednesday after an AA meeting of the Brookline Young People, he took the beacon up at Chestnut Hill straight home until 11:29 PM, almost two hours, even though you didn’t walk more than half an hour and even Burt F. Smith did it in September didn’t even make it for an hour; Lenz arrives just in time for curfew and, without exchanging a word with anyone, immediately retires to the triple room he shares with Glynn and Day, the polo coat blows, powder comes out of the powdered wig, he sweats and joins in his noble shoes scurrying up the carpeted stairs on the men’s side an unacceptable horrific row, because of which Gately just can’t go up and confront him because he’s still dealing with Bruce Green and Amy J., who both independently missed curfew. Lenz out and about in the city night, alone, practically every evening, sometimes with a book. Inmates who value being on their own a lot will attend the general staff meetings in Pat’s office on

Thursday flagged red as clear relapse risks. But Lenz has had five urine tests, and on the three occasions the lab failed the E.M.I.T.analysis, his urine came back clean. In the end, Gately decided to leave Lenz alone. Why should the higher being of some newcomers not be nature, the sky, the stars or the autumn air with its smack of cold pennies, who wants to judge that? So Lenz is out and about at night, unaccompanied and disguised, apparently on a walk. Made the crooked grid pattern of the streets at EnfieldBrighton-Allston. South Cambridge, East Newton, North Brookline and the Terrible Trail.

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